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"Performing KAORU's Funeral" Crowdfunding CAMPAIN : 2nd has ended with great success! !


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New feature film " Performing KAORU's Funeral" with original Screenplay is
a tragedy and comedy set in funeral of a woman.



One woman named KAORU passed away, her farewell note left that she want her ex-husband being the chief mourner of her funeral. This funeral is a yell sent from KAORU to her family left, also by carrying out the funeral, her ex-husband Jun and KAORU's only daughter Kaoru will be able to take one step forward in their lives. Although "Death" is equal to everyone, "Life" is unequal, that's why they keep fighting in life to live.


Performing Kaoru’s Funeral confronts the ironic limits of hatred and love at the instance of our deaths. 

A darkly comic family drama, "Performing KAORU’s Funeral" tells the story of Jun Yokotani, 
bound by obligations of death to honor his estranged ex-wife’s passing before he can begin life anew. 
Completely incompatible, Yokotani and KAORU's daughter (also named Kaoru) must change their lives completely as they try to create a new family while performing KAORU's funeral. 

A cinematic adventure in the intimacy of timing, "Performing KAORU’s Funeral" is the latest episode in the filmic career of Noriko Yuasa, which features the exploration of complex passions through experimentations in color and light. Striking at the heart of what it means to become family while acknowledging the past within, "Performing KAORU's Funeral" welcomes the complexity of passions at the heart of our identities.

KAORU's funeral is a beautiful yell sent from a dead mother "KAORU" to her surviving daughter "Kaoru".


This project based on the farewell to a friend that director Noriko Yuasa actually experienced four years ago in the first place.

I won the Grand Prix at the "MPA / DHU / TIFFCOM Pitching Contest" held in 2018 Japan and participated in the American Film Market held in Los Angeles, USA in 2019. The big encounter I got from there has started this project concretely. It ’s a well-known fact, from the spring of 2020 to the present, the violence of COVID-19 has hit the world, due to this unprecedented situation, people all over the world have been definitely raising their feelings about "Life" and "Death". 

This project focuses on the domestic phenomenon of "funerals" in Japan is not just simple personal matter, it ’s shared with everyone and definitely meaningful. Again, because of this unprecedented situation, this film, which depicts the universal theme of humankind to "To say their final goodbyes" and "Restart" is sure to be the key to bringing empathy and excitement to the world and posting people's lives.

And In order to express Japan's unique culture and charm, this film which is made in the form of international co-production centered on Japan, aims to build an international scheme and establish diversity in the future of content production.


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