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Looking For My Lost Sunflowers    2014/25min

A story in which a man who has forgotten to lose his dream returns to his hometown,

finds the "seed" of his dream in the past and finds his own way again.



Mr. Murakami who works as a salesman of a pharmaceutical company is busy working day to day.

And, he went out drinking with his boss tonight at the weekend in a pub. The specialty of the Izakaya was "collage books,A collection of messages of graduates ".
Mr. Murakami finds a message on his alma mater's notebook.

"Do the sunflowers bloom in the courtyard this summer still?"

In order to confirm the answer, Mr. Murakami got into the train with drunk momentum!



Bunki Sugiura

Koji Kuroda
Hiroyuki Shigeta
Kouki Tsurunishi  
Kohdai Yamaguchi
Eiko Kutsuma  
Cocoro Ikeda
Hiroaki Ookawa



Director / Noriko Yuasa
Producer / Naoya Asanuma,Ryo Ikeda
Screenplay / Koutarou Ishido,Noriko Yuasa 

Music by / Koji Endo

Cinematography / Makoto Kitayama

Sound Mixer / Shohei Ide
Editing / Takuya Ito

English Subtitles by / Kaori Hayashi

Sound Effect, Sound Facility / SOUND KIDS

Assistant Director / Takuya Ito

Film Festival​

Fukuoka Independent Film Festival 2014 

 / Won “Best 40-min Movie Award”  -Screened in Fukuoka Asia Museum AJIBI Hall

Aichi International Woman’s Film Festival 2014 

 / Nominated for an official Selection in Short Film Competition  -Screened in Will Aichi

16th Made-in Busan Independent Film Festival 

 / The invitation screening in BUSAN  CINEMA  CENTER  at  Busan, South Korea  in Nov. 2014

4th O!!iDo Short Film Festival 

 / Chosen as an official selection -Screened in Shibuya Uplink 2014

Fukuoka Independent Film Festival 2015

 / The invitation screening in Fukuoka Asia Museum AJIBI Hall

MIYAZAKI  Independent Film Festival 2015 

 / The invitation screening in Miyazaki Carino, Theater 88 2015

9th Odawara Film Festival 

 / Chosen as an official selection -Screened  in  old SANHUKU 2015

Independent Film Festival in BEPPU 2015 

 / The invitation screening in Beppu Bluebird theater

 Fukuoka Independent Film Festival 2017 

 / Special Screening -Screened at Fukuoka Asian Art Museum (September 10, 2017)

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